Feel Good Music: New Nico & Vinz, Capital Cities


Nico Vinz Day ComesThe biggest problem with music videos is they put images into you mind that change the way you hear or interpret your favorite song.   Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is actually an impressive, emotional experience, but link it to Miley in her underwear swinging on an actual wrecking ball and you can’t “unwatch it”.   Nico & Vinz are back with a new upbeat  jam called “When The Day Comes”.  It’s an instant feel good dance hit.  But it’s paired with a dramatic Kavar Singh mini-movie about a child in a hospital and a samurai backstory that does tell a great story but it conflicts with the energetic happy vibe of the music.   Both the song and video are impressive, but I just don’t feel them working in unison here. The single can be found on their debut CD, “Black Star Elephant”.


Capital Cites Safe and SoundSpeaking of unusual music videos, the L.A. indie band Capital Cities, didn’t release a promotional music video for “Center Stage”.   The throwback disco beat and the high energy feel good vibe deserved a creative video.   Well, some super fans did the next best thing.  They got their friends together on a subway and created their own homemade video.   Sure it’s low budget and campy but you can feel their love for the band!     You can find this on Capital Cities’ CD, “In A Tidal Wave of Mystery” which also features the #1 smash, “Safe and Sound” (one of my nominees for Video Of The Year in 2013).