ed sheeren ron weasleyTell me if you fell for this trick as much as I did. As I watched the new video on VH-1, I saw Ron Weasely (Rupert Grint) from Harry Potter singing and was blown away that he could actually sing this well! Then I figured it out, he’s the perfect body double for England’s new sensation, Ed Sheeran. Coming off his big hit, A-Team, the new single, Lego House, describes the fragility of a relationship. Sheeran said, ” “You spend so long putting Legos together and if you drop it on the floor, within an instant it’s broken, and it takes a while to put it back together. I kind of see a relationship like that. It takes so long to build… and it can break apart in an instant.”


POD2_The accusations are out there, P.O.D. is selling out with this power ballad. Although, previous songs like “Youth Of A Nation” and “Thinking About Forever” maintained a similar softer and more melodic tone. The vibe on “Beautiful” is so relaxing and a blast of pure positivity. The video reminds us of the toll that bullying takes on the oppressor but this time the tables turn for the victim. Songs like this deserve more airplay. We all need a little motivation from time to time and P.O.D.’s lyrics remind us that life is beautiful.


PiecesThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. Think about it, taking the time to take a photograph usually means it was a moment in your life that meant a lot to you and treasuring that memory in a snapshot can take us back to that instant of time whenever we wish. In the latest video, Gary Allan’s life passes before his eyes as old photos of him rush past as he performs in a wind tunnel. Some memories slam into us, some just peacefully fly by, but they all shaped our identity. Life is meant to be lived in the moment. If we dwell on those pieces of our past, life and opportunities will blast past us.