Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly” Goes Viral

Foo-fighters-rockin-1000-learn-to-flyHow much would you pay to see your favorite band in concert?  What’s it worth to you?   When you talk commitment, check out a new viral video of 1000 united Foo Fighters superfans in Cesena, Italy.  It’s been almost 20 years since the band has performed in Romagna, Italy.  A Kickstarter campaign netted 44,000 euros to gather musicians from all over the country to create a viral video and see if the social media event could somehow convince the band to  come to Italy.     They’re called the “Rockin’ 1000” and their incredible version of the Foo Fighters’ “Learn To Fly” will have you grinning ear to ear.     Dave Grohl loved the video and declared “We’ll See You Soon!”   Stick around the massive crowd’s special message to the band after the epic video.

“LEARN TO FLY” Rockin 1000 (Foo Fighters)


WQFM_thewho_Tim_the_animalIn 1982, The Who announced their farewell tour (we all know how that went) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin was not scheduled for a show.  WQFM DJ, Tim The Animal, took matters in his own hands and climbed outside the 21st floor of their building and declared he’s not coming back in until The Who agree to play Milwaukee for the first time.   Sixteen cold Wisconsin days and nights spent on a ledge passed but eventually Roger Daltrey called the DJ and agreed to play a show in Wisconsin on December 7th.   12000 lucky fans were given free concert tickets for the show and the event became one of the greatest radio stunts of all-time.

“LONG LIVE ROCK” The Who (Milwaukee 1982)