Foo Fighters take a journey to Joshua Tree

foofighters_rancho_de_la_lunaOn the fifth episode of the Foo Fighters documentary “Something For Nothing”, the band headed to Los Angeles.   The beautiful beaches, their laid-back attitude, and the Hollywood dreams were showcased.  Of course, the glam rock scene on the Sunset Strip and Pat Smear’s early days with The Germs reminded us of the seedier side of L.A.’s musical influence.   Things were going predictably, until Dave Grohl took the viewers by surprise with a dramatic change of scenery.    Just a short trip away from the traffic jams and the hustle of the city, locals can take advantage of a mini-roadtrip  to find some quiet solitude in the desert where you can let your mind relax and your creativity can pique.

“OUTSIDE” Foo Fighters with Joe Walsh

Foo Fighters.Joe Walsh.Roxy LARancho De La Luna is a unpretentious low-profile recording studio hidden away in the Joshua Tree desert outside of L.A.   It was founded by the late Fred Drake and co-founder David Catching is still not only still running the studio, he lives there.  Metal bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age have found this desolate location the perfect venue to unwind and record some of their greatest albums.   Dave Grohl chose this magical location to record “Outside” for their new CD.   The obvious title wasn’t the only California reference the Foo Fighters chose, Joe Walsh (of The Eagles) was invited to play a guitar solo in the middle of the track.   Joe’s  solo isn’t overpowering, it’s soft, subtle, and captures the energy of the desert surrounding them.   It’s an incredible track and one of the highlights of the Foo Fighters “Something For Nothing” CD.