Ciara, Linkin Park, Olly Murs with Flo Rida


Ciara’s back with the second single from her upcoming CD.      “Got Me Good” features a desert backdrop and slick dance moves with Ciara dressed in all white contrasted by a male dance crew in all black.  The hook recalls “Too Much Booty In The Pants” and the best of Janet Jackson especially during a hot choreographed dance routine with some female dancers. As beautiful as the sunset in the video, Ciara flashes her sexy smile and reminds us the Queen is back.

EA’s new video game, Medal Of Honor : Warfighter, features a Linkin Park song from their latest CD, Living Things. The brand new video opens with a child opening his front door and seeing a military officer dressed in his official uniform breaking the bad news to the boy as his mom runs up to him crying hysterically. This dramatic opening only intensifies as the just released Linkin Park video progresses……


Huge pop star in the U.K. and all over Europe, Olly Murs brings his swagger and top 40 voice to the States.  Yes, he sounds like a more masculine copy of Adam Levine of Maroon 5.   Like most great pop songs, this song has little substance but it’s a feel good hit especially memorable by his collaboration with the King of Hip Hop Pop, Flo Rida, who makes a cameo near the end of the song. His CD, “Right Time Right Place” could be the perfect title to describe his introduction to the U.S. pop charts.