From Full Devil Jacket to Day Of Fire: The Life and Times of Josh Brown

Full_Devil_JacketIn the late 90’s, a local metal band called Full Devil Jacket was rocking clubs in the greater Tampa area.   The dynamic lead singer, Josh Brown, caught the attention of Def Jam/Island Records who quickly signed the band.  Their style will remind you of early Creed and Chris Daughtry, and sure enough, they became Creed’s opening act during their meteoric rise.   Full Devil Jacket played at Woodstock ’99, got one of their songs on the Scream 3 soundtrack, and were getting airplay on MTV.   Right as they were on the verge of fulfilling their rock and roll dreams, Josh OD’d on heroin.  Thankfully, his girlfriend resuscitated him and Josh survived, but work on their 2nd CD ended and Full Devil Jacket never released another album.


fade_away___day_of_fireWhen tragedy strikes, even self-inflicted, you reach a crossroads in your life when you need to make big changes or follow your current path of destruction.   Josh sought answers after his brush with death.  Ultimately he cleaned up his act and “found God” after his drug binge, finding inner peace and a new direction for his life.   His love of rock music and his new-found faith empowered Josh to start a new Christian rock band, Day Of Fire.   Their debut self-titled CD blending hard rock with spiritual themes and won a Dove Award and Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album.


JOSH BROWN DAUGHTRYDay of Fire officially disbanded in 2010 but Josh Brown has continued to provide us with great music.   He wrote a song on friend, Chris Daughtry’s, Leave This Town CD. In an ironic twist, Daughtry’s band opened for Full Devil Jacket back in the day!  Josh joined Fireflight for their Christian rock classic, You Decide.  He joined Full Devil Jacket for a one-time reunion concert in 2010 and is currently working with some of the former band members on a new band, A New Rebel, reminiscent of their earlier sound.