From Queen to Quincy Jones: Top 10 Q Bands

Quincy Jones CollectionThe letter Q gets a bad rap.  Every letter in the English language appears in at least one state’s name except for Q.  You know why in the game Scrabble you only get 1 Q?   Yes, it’s officially the least used letter in the dictionary.   Do you have any friends with a first name starting with Q?   Odds are against you.   But have no fear fans of the 17th letter in the alphabet, there are tons of great bands and musical artists starting with this infamous letter.   Let’s countdown the Top 10 Artists Starting With Q.

Honorable Mention:  The Quarreyman (never heard of them?  they became The Beatles!),  Question Mark and the Mysterians (96 Tears), Stacie Q (80’s pop princess), and Quietdrive (an Emo band best known for their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time)




10.  QUAD CITY DJ’S      During the New Jack 90’s era, their smash “Come On Ride The Train” and the theme to Space Jam were dance club favorites.

9.   SUZI QUATRO       In the U.S. she’s best known as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days but she’s had a solid career for decades overseas.

8.  QUEEN LATIFAH    We known her best for her talk show and movie appearances.  But Queen Latifah broke through rap’s glass ceiling with some vintage 90’s hits like “Ladies First” from her All Hail The Queen CD.

7.  QUARTERFLASH    They were a flash in the pan 80’s band out of Oregon but their sax-driven hits “Find Another Fool” and “Harden My Heart” were on heavy rotation in MTV’s early days.

6.  Q-TIP   Like Queen Latifah, Q-Tip is now making his name in Hollywood in numerous films, but his band, A Tribe Called Quest, helped earn Q-Tip a spot on Source Magazine’s Top 20 Lyricists of All-Time

5.  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE  You can flip a coin for spots #4 and #5, Josh Homme’s band has been knocking out critically acclaimed heavy metal records for almost two decades.

4.  QUEENSRYCHE    Simply based off their epic album, Empire, which ranks up among the greatest concept albums ever, Queensryche makes the Top 5.  “Silent Lucidity” and “Jet City Woman” are essential metal tracks from the 80’s.

3.  QUIET RIOT      If you question Quiet Riot’s influence on 80’s metal music consider this fact.  They were the FIRST metal band to ever reach #1 in the 80’s.  To reach this spot, they jumped over Synchronicity by The Police and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

2.  QUINCY JONES    Six decades of music, 79 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammys, countless movie and TV soundtrack hits, and oh yeah, he produced Michael Jackson’s first three albums, Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad.

1.     QUEEN    Led by arguably the great front man in rock and roll history, Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.   They’ve sold close to 300 million records worldwide and every sports stadium cranks up one of their classics including:  We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Another One Bites The Dust.