G N’ R LIES: Album Spotlight

Guns_and_Roses_GNR_LiesHow do you follow up the greatest hard rock debut album of all time?   That was the dilemma, Guns N’ Roses faced in 1988 after their epic Appetite For Destruction CD changed rock and roll music forever.   Eventually the band went overboard and released the double album set, Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, but they snuck in an EP to satisfy fans eager for new material.    The eight song album, G N’ R Lies, contained four live songs from a pre-Appetite EP including covers of Aerosmith’s Mama Kin and Rose Tattoo’s Nice Boys.    These gritty live tracks only further enhanced Axl and Slash’s reputation as the fiercest rock band on the planet.




gnr liesBut what caught most listeners off-guard was Side Two.   The lead single, Patience, was a genuine power ballad with acoustic guitars, whistling, and lyrics about a failed relationship rumored to be about Axl and Erin Everly.  Track 2 was the punk rock ballad, “Used To Love Her (But I Had To Kill Her)” that Izzy Stradlin wrote as a joke.  Next came a sped-up unplugged version of “You’re Crazy”.  But the boys weren’t done yet, the last track “One In A Million” generated outrageous controversy for Axl with lyrics about “immigrants, n*ggers, and f***gots” that ignited hate groups everywhere.   But like they always say, bad press is better than no press at all.




axlGNR Lies originally featured a nude model on the cover and record stores had to hide the cover before an edited cover was released.   Regardless of which cover you bought, the EP remains one of the biggest selling extended play records of all-time and sold five million copies worldwide.  These figures didn’t come close to matching the legacy of Appetite but for true fans of the band, G N’ R Lies is a raw snapshot of the L.A. glam rockers at their best.

1.  Reckless Life

2.  Nice Boys

3.  Move To The City

4.  Mama Kin (Aerosmith Cover)

5.  Patience

6.  Used To Love Her

7.  You’re Crazy

8.  One In A Million