Gangnam Style, New Linkin Park, and X-Factor Country Star Is One To Watch

“GANGNAM STYLE”      PSY      and   The U.S. Navy Version!
“Ice Ice Baby”, “Mmmmmbop”, “I’m Too Sexy”, “Barbie Girl”, “Macarena”, ……slide over and make room for “Gangnam Style”, the 2012 dance craze by South Korean’s pop star, Psy. The song has went #1 worldwide, generated flash mob dance routines in multiple countries, and once it gets stuck in your head, good luck getting it out of there! Psy recently performed the hit song on the Today Show, parodied himself on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, taught Britney Spears how to dance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. K-Pop, Korean bubble gum top 40 records, have become big selling records the past few years, but they’ve never seen anything like Gangnam Style. With over 200 million YouTube views, don’t fight it! It’s time to get caught up in the “Aaaayyyy Sexy Lady” hook, and learn the hysterical dance, it’s here to stay.   I’m also including the US Navy’s hysterical version.

Yes, I’ve put more songs by Linkin Park on my blog than any other artist. Their new Rick Rubin prodcued CD, Living Things, is incredible and hasn’t left my playlist since its summer release. The 2nd single and video, Lost In The Echo, will blow you away. Chester’s screams are back, Mike’s hip hop influences are all over the record, and the video is artistic and open to multiple interpretations. The apocalyptic video has been described as “atmospheric”. They originally had an interactive version where fans could upload Facebook pictures and see themselves in the video. This is the official released version.


Tim McGraw just released a big production video for “Truck Yeah” that features a bunch of new shiny Chevy trucks and a rap by Tim midway through the song.  Yes, you read that right, Tim McGraw is rapping on it…. It’ll probably be a big country video, but instead of featuring the obvious, I’m going with Tate Stevens, a contestant trying out for this year’s X-Factor.   If you love a true authentic, humble, all-American guy to root for, look no further.   Beyond the fact that Tate has an incredible country music voice, he inspires his daughter, and loves his wife.  Definitely one to watch!