Get To Know The Revivalists – 2016 Breakout Band

the-revivalistsA little dash of the Dave Matthews Band, a sprinkle of the Grateful Dead, a full scoop of Mumford & Sons, add in some New Orleans spices and a whole lot of groovy good vibes and mix well. You’ve got one of 2016’s Breakout Bands, The Revivalists. If I had to compare them to another band it would be the underrated jam band, JJ Grey & Mofro. This is not a one-hit wonder or a new group formed off a reality TV show. Back in 2007, a back to the roots genre jumping band turned their love of rock, soul, bluegrass, and blues into The Revivalists. After earning their stripes for years as a bar band and local fan favorite, the band has finally exploded into the big time after almost a decade. Lead singer, David Shaw, said “We started to find ourselves on festival bills with our idols and in front of huge crowds. We thought, ‘We’re amongst these giants, but we’re holding our own.’ We felt like we stood up and met the challenge by simply being who we are.” Their third album title, “Men Against Mountains” couldn’t be more fitting. Recorded LIVE on tape in just 21 days, the album skyrocketed to #2 on the Billboard Alternative Rock Charts when it debuted. By recording the album live the group was able to recreate that magical concert vibe they’ve perfected over the past 9 years.

“WISH I KNEW YOU” – The Revivalists

revivalists-david-shawThe Revivalists lead single on the “Men Against Mountains” album was “Keep Going”, after a slow introduction the band adds a little Memphis Soul kick with a booming horn section and a funky guitar riff. Hard to believe but the song was originally recorded featuring an acoustic guitar. The song’s uplifting chorus and those sweet keyboard breaks will recharge your day. The album’s highlight track is “Wish I Knew You”, another throwback song with a Southern R&B kick and a radio-friendly chorus that will become a huge hit if Rock Radio has any sense. David Shaw summed it all so succinctly when he said “All that matters is that the art makes you feel something…..and have it be an escape—whether you’re listening to it at home or in the crowd at a show.” If you want to dig deeper, check out an earlier hit, “Soul Fight” that got mainstream attention after being featured on the TV show, NCIS. It was the song that first introduced me to the band. Follow the band at @therevivalists


“KEEP GOING” – The Revivalists