Check Out Tennessee Rockers: “One Less Reason”

One_Less_Reason_-_A_Lifetime_BurningOne Less Reason released their debut CD in 2004.   After ten years, the Jackson, Tennessee rockers have developed a cult following but have yet to have a breakthrough hit to vault them into the spotlight.   They began with a harder rock sound but their recent material has maintained a more emotional and melodic tone. If you’re a fan of bands like Hinder and Shinedown, One Less Reason is worth checking out.  My first exposure to the band was their intense power ballad, If You Need Me, that explores the devastation after a painful breakup.    A similar song, A Day To Be Alone, is simply put “one of the most breathtaking songs you’ll ever hear”.


One_Less_Reason_-_everydaylife_(2005)The band’s motto is ““One Less Reason to give up on your dreams. One Less Reason to give up on life. One Less Reason to be what someone else wants you to be. That’s what it’s all about….”    A recent video for their song “Uneasy” was released as a charity single for hurricane victims.   This is a virtual unknown band with compelling heartfelt music.   If you want to check out more, I recomment their early work 2007’s “A Lifetime Burning” or their 2010 CD, “Faces and Four Letter Words” as a great place to start.

“UNEASY”  (With Blair Simpson)