Give It Enough Time, Something Old Becomes Something New: Chickenfoot, Judas Priest, and Adelita’s Way


Give something old enough time and it becomes new again.   The Supergroup creation of Joe Satriani and Sammy Hagar bring some sweet reminders of how rock music used to sound but add a modern rock fury to the mix.   “Something Going Wrong” is one of the best songs on their latest CD, Chickenfoot III.   Sammy Hagar’s charm and visceral screams combined with Joe’s brilliant guitar solos here blend perfectly.  Hearing Chad Smith and Michael Anthony’s pounding rhythm section keeping pace generate a “classic rock” sound lacking on recent rock records.


Speaking of classic rock and screams, no one can match up to the legendary Metal God, Rob Halford.   This is hard driving, petal to the metal, weekend music.    Taken from “Point Of Entry”, Judas Priest went a little less metal but more hard rock on this album that didn’t explode like “Screaming For Vengeance” but remains one of my personal favorite JP albums.   Their sound is less “dated” here than some of their bigger hits (Living After Midnight, Breaking The Law).


This Las Vegas alternative metal band hasn’t been around too long.   Releasing their debut CD in 2009, their sound is urgent and reminds me of Three Days Grace and Daughtry.   “Last Stand” has a big video with the band performing in a warehouse while a big screen flashes memories of his ex-girlfriend.    “Closer To You” is another great song on their debut CD.   Their 2011 follow-up Home School Valedictorian was very commercial and weaker than their debut in my opinion.   Hoping they come back big in 2012 with a harder rock sound next time out.