Godsmack Covers Joe Walsh: Whitesnake, Godsmack, Brandon Flowers Of The Killers, Gotthard


Godsmack covered Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times” and now they’re taking on 70’s guitar hero, Joe Walsh, and his epic rock anthem, “Rocky Mountain Way”.  The new version replaces Joe’s funk guitar rendition with thunderous beats and nu-metal guitar riffs, same song with a totally different feel.  Some interpret the lyrics as escaping to the simple times up in the mountains of Colorado and others see it as a drug themed song reaching for the highest high.


David Coverdale has to be considered amongst the top rock vocalists of all-time.  Reminiscent of Robert Plant in so many ways, the power of his voice and his intrinsic ability to bring it way down to a whisper and still dig deep into your soul.  David even looks like Robert!   The Whitesnake classics all have that big hook chorus that got the rockers punching their fists to the air.   The lineup for this song included Vivian Campbell, Rudy Sarzo, and Adrian Vandenberg, potentially  the finest collection of metal superstars in one band. 


Recorded at the rock music shrine, Abbey Road Studio, Brandon Flowers of The Killers channeled that retro 80’s sound made popular by bands like the The Smiths and The Cure.   This song appeared on their breakthrough CD, Hot Fuss.   The big hits were “Mr Brightside”, “Somebody Told Me”, and “All These Things I’ve Done” but the song I chose always stood out as a tribute to the bands that inspired The Killers.   


Please give this video a viewing!!   Take about wearing your heart on your sleeve, giving your heart to the one you love, this video will change your mind!    Gotthard’s lead singer, Steve Lee,  passed away in 2010 but his music lives on.   The biggest selling metal band out of Switzerland have filled my IPod with blistering rockers and beautiful ballads.   They just released a new CD with a new lead singer and I’m surprised at how good it is!