Greatest Movie Music Scenes Vol 5


Catherine Zeta Jones Rock Of AgesPat Benatar’s feisty 80’s rocker sets the stage for one of the funniest and sexiest scenes in the motion picture interpretation of Broadway’s “Rock Of Ages”. Catherine Zeta-Jones, not only is beautiful and seductive, she actually can carry a tune and dance! The song opens with an church organ introduction before busting out the electric guitars. You’ve got to love the religious ladies’ sexy choreography as they’re protesting that “evil rock and roll music”. Shout out to Breaking Bad’s Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his tighty-whiteys making a guest appearance in the clip!


I must break you ivan drago“I Must Break You!” – Ivan Drago’s ultimate warning to Rocky Balboa. A typical 80’s movie theme, the U.S.A. versus the powerful Soviet Union. This time around, Rocky must battle the ultimate fighting machine. Ivan Drago is humungous, loaded with steroids, trained with the latest technology and state of the art equipment. How can the much smaller Rocky compete? He goes old school to the max. Splitting logs in the snow, hanging crunches from a barn’s high beams, even climbing huge mountains with his boots on! The video may seem cheesy to some, but it’s such a great motivational clip. Big shout out to Stallone’s beard here, Sly’s got no time to shave with a crazy Russian ready to kill him.

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