Greatest Song Ever Written?: Coldplay with Michael Stipe, P.O.D., The Jesus and Mary Chain

“IN THE SUN”  (Ft. Michael Stipe)              COLDPLAY

Chris Martin says at the end of the video, “This is the greatest song ever written”.   I’m not sure if this song lives up to that hype but this such an uplifting masterpiece.   Captured on TV’s Austin City Limits, Coldplay invites R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe onstage to sing this Peter Gabriel penned classic.   “May God’s Love be with you always”……

“YOUTH OF THE NATION”                   P.O.D.

P.O.D. got stuck with the Christian rock band tag and never truly got the respect they deserve.     Sonny Sandoval is one of my favorite vocalists, intense, passionate, 100% believes in his lyrics.    They are the pride of San Diego and Mexico and are currently working on a new 2012 CD.    The band’s songs have a spiritual message but you can hear their influences, Rage Against The Machine, Bad Brains, The Police, Bob Marley, among others.   They are INCREDIBLE live!!! 

“APRIL SKIES”                         THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN

A sexy 80’s alternative record from a Scottish band that began their career playing 20 minute concerts with their backs turned to the audience.   Rioting, bottles being thrown onstage, and fights in the audience didn’t help ticket sales but they did get some publicity.   MTV played “Just Like Honey” (featured in the movie Lost In Translation) and “April Skies” became their first big hit.