GREATEST SONGS EVER WRITTEN (#4): Donny Hathaway, Led Zeppelin


A_Song_for_You If you’re a vocalist looking for a song to highlight your talent, “A Song For You” has been a go-to classic that everyone from Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Buble’ have chosen.  From the twinkling piano keys and the soft interlude between the two halves of the song, the arrangement is an epic showcase for a masterful singer.   But dig deep into the lyrics and you have a song of unconditional love that rivals the greatest songs ever written.  The original version by Donny Hathaway remains my favorite version.

Favorite lines:

I’ve acted out my life in stages with ten thousand people watching
But we’re alone now and I’m singing this song for you

“I know your image of me is what I hope to be, I’ve treated you unkindly
But girl can’t you see, there’s no one more important to me”

“You taught me precious secrets
Of a true love, you wanted nothing
You came out in front and I was hiding
Now I’m so much better”



led-zeppelin-over-the-hillsAs we grow and experience life’s ups and down, some people feel like they know it all and have all of the answers. But life is ever changing, curves come around every bend, so be prepared for change, it’s inevitable. Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece, “Over The Hills And Far Away” describes life’s journey and as our minds drifts off into memories of the past, the future has yet to be determined. We can only guess where our lives will go. Do we continue down the same path or take a different road?


Hey lady–you got the love I need
Maybe more than enough.
Oh Darling… walk a while with me
You’ve got so much…

Many have I loved – Many times been bitten
Many times I’ve gazed along the open road.

Many times I’ve lied – Many times I’ve listened
Many times I’ve wondered how much there is to know.

Many dreams come true and some have silver linings
I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold.

Mellow is the man who knows what he’s been missing
Many many men can’t see the open road.

Many is a word that only leaves you guessing
Guessing ’bout a thing you really ought to know, ooh!
You really ought to know…