Greatest Songs Ever Written: Pearl Jam’s Wishlist

pearljamIn every creative writing classroom, the teacher gives the class a provocative prompt and asks the students to use their imagination to develop their thoughts on the theme of the day.   Eddie Vedder took this assignment to heart when he wrote the inspiring masterpiece, Wishlist, for the band’s fifth album, Yield in 1998.  Each line begins with the words, “I WISH….”   The simple yet descriptive lyrics describe wanting to feel you really matter in this world.  Everyone has significance and has the potential to affect so many lives by our decisions and actions.


wishlist pearl jamEach of the song’s lyrics create a different visual image.   One line he’s hoping to be the souvenir you keep your house key on – think about it for a second.   That seeming meaningless piece of plastic becomes a keepsake that you keep with you every day!   The line, “I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro’s hood” instantly captures your imagination and stirs up old memories.   “Wishlist” is one of Pearl Jam’s most inspirational classics.