Green Day’s 2 new videos “Kill The DJ” and “Let Yourself Go”: Stray Cats, Tantric

Videos #2 and 3 from Green Day’s trio of new CD’s just got released this week. Comparisons to the Clash’s ability to mix dance music with their signature punk sounds, Green Day should be honored to be likened to one of the greatest punk bands of all-time. Billie Joe has always talked about his love of different genres of music and I’m excited to hear what creative choices they make on Uno, Dos, and Tre. The first song is explicit, when asked about Kill The DJ’s meaning, Billie Joe said, “It’s a song about being drunk, going through this chaos, feeling fucked up and all you want to do is get more drunk”.    I’m really into “Let Yourself Go”, this is 1990’s Green Day, all attitude, best song in YEARS by the band!!


50’s rockabilly made a big comeback in the early 1980’s with Neil Young, Dave Edmunds, The Blasters and the Stray Cats leading the way. Even Queen got into the rockabilly revival with their song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. The hits by the Stray Cats: “Rock This Town”, “Sexy & 17”, and “Stray Cat Strut” reminded us of those black leather jackets, greased back hair, and a rebel attitude that never went away. The Stray Cats rarely deviated from their signature style but here on “I Won’t Stand In Your Way”, they emphasized Brian’s soulful voice instead of the guitars and bass. This sound also reminds us of the 50’s but we’re picturing doo-wop bands like Little Anthony and the Imperials or The Platters.



A friend of mine played the lead in Broadway’s Les Miserables. We shared a love of music and tried to one-up each other with unknown bands the other hadn’t heard yet. I told him about this brand new band out of Kentucky who was opening for Creed at the time. Tantric had the popular nu-metal sound that was all over the radio in the early 2000’s. Their debut single, “Breakdown”, hit #1. Maybe it’s their attitude, perhaps the multi-layered vocals, or the soft/hard changes, but the song still feels urgent and fresh. The band is still recording but have never recaptured their early success.