GRETCHEN WILSON: 3 New CD’s In Six Months


right on timeBetween 2004’s “Redneck Woman” until April of 2013, Gretchen Wilson released four CD’s. Gretchen Wilson will be releasing a triple dose of new CDs between April and October. Sudden inspiration? Actually, Gretchen broke away from her label and started her own. It’s her time of musical freedom. Disc #1, “Right On Time“, is the most country of the three discs although the CD contains some garage rock, blues, soul, and even a little funk in the mix. “Right On Time” has a lot of variety and received positive reviews, yet it only went to #24 on the charts and the three singles barely made a dent on country radio. The best track, Still Rollin’, will remind you of classic 70’s rock (Bob Seger, The Eagles, Jackson Browne).



Gretchen-Wilson-Under-The-CoversThe summer release of “Under The Covers” was Gretchen’s official entrance into the world of rock and roll. This was clearly no country CD, twelve classic rock jams from the 70’s including The Faces, Cheap Trick, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and Bad Company. What’s surprising is that Gretchen makes no attempt to “countrify” any of the songs and doesn’t take any big chances on reinventing the music. It’s simply a solid collection of FM Radio hits. Gretchen said growing up in Illinois, her Patsy Cline records were right next to her Lynyrd Skynyrd, so it only made sense to explore both sides of her personality. The digital LP recently hit #13 on iTunes.

gretchenwilsonhippoThis October, Gretchen will be releasing her first Christmas album. In 2009, she released a children’s novelty Xmas single entitled, I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas. This time around, she’s recording an entire album of Christmas favorites. Little information is available on which holiday classics will be included and how many originals but I’m sure it will become a Christmas favorite for all of Gretchen’s fans.