Shocker: Amy Adams Playing Janis Joplin In A 2014 Biopic

amy adams janisFans of Janis Joplin know that her distinctive style, iconic persona, and incredible voice require an amazing actress to portray her tragic life story.   For years, Hollywood rumors of a Janis biopic have been floating around.   Well, it’s finally come to fruition.  Director Lee Daniels (“The Butler”) will be filming “Janis Joplin:  Get It While You Can” later this year.   And which actress gets the role of a lifetime?   Amy Adams!  Fresh off her Oscar nomination for American Hustle, the glamorous actress will require a reverse makeover to play Janis.  But there’s a bigger acting challenge for Amy!



amy adams janis joplinThe shocker here is that Amy will be singing all of the songs in the movie.   Lee Daniels said, “Guess what, she can sing her ass off!”   Adams said, “I’ve been working on my rasp. Just by tearing up my voice. I’m going to try to do as much singing as I can. But I’m also realistic, and I might need some assistance.”  Amy’s fear is that she can’t live up to Joplin’s raspy voice and Hollywood will dub her vocals with someone else.


pink janis joplin tributeUnfortunately, I don’t have any early previews of Amy Adams covering Janis.   But, an early frontrunner for the role was Pink.   Her attitude and raspy voice seemed like a natural match for the role.   In previous concerts, Pink has covered “Me And Bobby McGee” and “Piece Of My Heart”. Her intense cover versions rival Joplin’s. Obviously, Amy Adams is an incredible actress, beautiful, versatile, and will draw a huge audience to the film, but Pink seems like she would had a breakthrough moment embodying Janis Joplin on film.