Guitar Hero Expert Mode – The Most Difficult Songs Ever!

dragonforce_through_the_FlamesIn 2007, Game Informer posted a list of the toughest video game villians, coming in at #4 was a SONG!   “Through The Fire And Flames” by Dragonforce was first a bonus track on the Guitar Hero 3:  Legends Of Rock video game.  Later it was added as the closing (and most challenging) song on Guitar Hero World Tour.   Just by being included on the game, Dragonforce sales went from 2000 songs a week up to 40,000 at the peak of the video game series.  Remember these are REAL songs played by actual guitar heroes and you’re asking the game players to match their intensity. The speed of the 7+ minute song, the multiple guitar solos leading up to the so-called “Death Solo” is overwhelming.  When it was first mastered, the video become a viral YouTube clip amassing over 100 million views.  Is it the hardest song ever to play on the Guitar Hero series?   The Guiness Book of World Records acknowledges that claim.   Fans agree it’s a beast to play, but two other contenders could actually be tougher.


Guitar Hero ScreenshotSteve Ouimette’s speed metal version of the Charlie Daniels Band classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” has challenged the best players to utter frustration due to a lack of “tricks” available to get through the brutal chorus section of the song.    “Jordan” by Buckethead, “Raining Blood” by Slayer, and “Sudden Death” by Megadeth round out the killer list of Top 5 Guitar Hero songs that will drive you crazy trying to keep up with the speed and intricate fretwork needed to master these songs at a 5 Star Level.


“JORDAN” Buckethead