Halestorm “Miss The Misery”, Drowning Pool, Theory Of A Deadman


Lizzy Hale and her band, Halestorm, will be headlining their first tour this fall. Sponsored by Jagermeister, the up and coming rock band deserves the opportunity to headline after released three solid CD’s and all of the great feedback from their electric live shows the past three years. On this video, Lizzy Hale looks as sexy as a woman who is totally pissed off can be. Halestorm packs so much passion into their sound, I’m looking forward to seeing them again in concert. For tour dates and info, check out their website: www.halestormrocks.com FYI: The closest they’re coming to Tampa is The Hard Cafe in Orlando.


Yes, I’m going with Drowning Pool’s most popular song and it might be overplayed but there’s a good reason for that:   This song is SOOOOOO good, the perfect song to whip you in a frenzy and kick you out of those Monday doldrums.  From the whisper introduction to the propulsive nu-metal groove, it’s a firestarter! “Bodies” isn’t about killing and building up a high body count, it’s a shout out to fill the mosh pit.   Stephanie McMahon’s entrance theme on the WWE and ECW fights have since showcased this 2001 nu-metal classic.   Fun Fact:   When they were interrogating prisoners at Guatanomo Bay, they would repeatedly play this song accompanied by strobe lights.

I saw Theory As A Deadman as the opening act for Motley Crue five years ago.  I like to call them Theory Of A Nickelback, they were the first band signed to Chad Kroeger’s label.  They’re Canadian with radio ready hits featuring a big hook chorus. Their frontman has a great hard rock voice but they don’t use it to rock hard enough.  Hmmmm, that sounds so familiar…..    “By The Way” from their “Scars & Souvenirs” CD features Chris Daughtry.   The breakup song lyrics are sad, leaving with words unsaid, questions that remain.   It’s definitely my favorite song by the band.   Another track to check out: “Hate My Life” by T.O.A.D. it’s very similar to “Rockstar” by, hmmmm, some other Canadian band I can’t remember their name 🙂