HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: Lita Ford, Spice Girls, The Judds

mother-day-jokesMother’s Day gives us all the opportunity to tell our moms how much we appreciate them and recognize all of the sacrifices they made in their life to make ours better.   Simple gestures like making them a dinner or taking them out, buying them their favorite flowers, or simply spending quality time together has become a cherished yearly tradition.   Just think, we spent 9 months inside of them. They were literally our lifeline for our most influential years.

Spice-GirlsThe holiday became official in 1914 and even back then they were worried it was too commercialized.  Anna Mae Jarvis, the woman who campaigned for the special holiday, even tried to get greeting cards banned.  Anne said, “I want it to be a day of sentiment not profit.  Greeting cards are a poor excuse for the letter you’re too lazy to write.”  Anne wouldn’t be happy with the Mother’s Day spending frenzy we see today.

JUDDSMany great songs have been written about mothers.  Some sentimental like Tupac’s Dear Mama, Boyz II Men’s A Song For Mama, and my Spice Girls hit.  Others are more personal such as Mother (Danzig), John Lennon’s Mother, and Lita Ford’s new song dedicated to her estranged daughters.  I also included the mom/daughter duo, The Judds, with a song that always reminds me of my mom.