“Happy” texting claims a woman’s life: Pharrell, Avril Lavigne PSA, Tim McGraw

“HAPPY” Pharrell

texting driving deathThe feel-good hit of the spring, Pharrell’s “Happy”, can instantly change your attitude and get your feet moving. Courtney Sanford in North Carolina posted a comment on Facebook, “The happy song makes me HAPPY!” Seconds later, Courtney’s car slammed headfirst into a truck. Despite repeated warnings and even new laws prohibiting texting while driving, thousands of lives are still lost each year from distracted drivers. Courtney was not only posting on Facebook at the time of her death, she was taking “selfies” while she drove! Police at the scene sadly reported, “It’s a grim reminder…you’ve got to pay attention while you’re in the car.” Courtney was right, “Happy” is so much fun, it’s a shame her family will never be able to hear it the same way again. I don’t know Courtney, but I’m guessing this young 32 year old woman had a bright future ahead of her. My heart goes out to her friends and loved ones.


jojo nicolas miami hurricanesEarlier this year, former Miami Hurricane safety, JoJo Nicholas, was driving just 5 days before his 25th birthday. He texted “Kicking off the b-day weekend! Turn up week at the Mansion with my brotha” just before ramming his Lexus into the back of a 18-wheeler. He was on life support for days and sadly passed away later that week. Let’s face it, people are addicted to their phones. Smart phones are powerful little computers. But no message is so vital that you need to risk your life and those innocently on the road with you. If it’s that important, pull your car over and take care of your business.

“HIGHWAY DON’T CARE” Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban

taylor swift tim mcgraw highwayOne in Five Teens Admit They Still Text While Driving! In a split second, those distracted young and inexperienced drivers can see life-changing events happen behind the wheel. It’s not worth your life to send that instant message. Many teens look up to Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Both artists have made powerful statements on this issue. Avril did a PSA featuring the Bob Dylan classic “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”. Taylor’s song “Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban vividly paints the picture of the consequences of texting while driving.