HARD ROCK COVERS: In The Air Tonight, Love Gun, & Born On The Bayou


nonpoint in the air tonightPhil Collins’ drum solo, the song’s macabre theme, and the imagery conjured up on the premiere episode of NBC’s Miami Vice, made In The Air Tonight one of the most iconic songs of the 80’s. Phil has gone on record stating the song is actually about his anger after his divorce. The “magic break” drum solo was actually remixed when Atlantic Records chief, Ahmet Ertegun, suggested the drum solo should be beefed up in the final mix. Jump forward 25 years and an up and coming rock band, Nonpoint, covers the song on their Recoil CD. Once again the drum solo is the key to the song, this time African rhythms and a metal drum solo create another sonic musical moment. The cover version was used in the Colin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx motion picture, Miami Vice in 2006.


axel-rudi-pell-tales-of-the-crown-4-8937German guitarist, Axel Rudi Pell, is a European guitar hero who has released 16 solo albums, 4 live DVD performances, and his symphonic guitar solos influenced a generation of metal guitarists to follow. Axel released a quartet of albums called The Ballads (parts I – IV) and a 2007 album called Diamonds Unlocked, which featured 10 covers. Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight, U2’s Beautiful Day, and Love Gun by KISS were the most notable songs. The Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley early favorite has the tempo slowed here to enhance the tender emotions behind the sexual rocker.


Dave Grohl FogertyDave Grohl recently released his first directorial film, Sound City, in memory of the California record studio where some of the biggest albums of all-time were recorded on antiquated equipment. One highlight was Dave’s collaboration with John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The swamp rock song was originally the B-Side to Proud Mary and one of the band’s signature tune. For a Hurricane Katrina relief concert, the Foo Fighters did a memorable aggressive cover of the CCR hit.