Headphones On, World Off: Let your mind wander

headphones on world offPut on a pair on Sennheiser headphones, immerse yourself in the music, and let your mind wander. The background noise is all gone, you’re taken to a new world, where the song’s message sinks deeply into your soul. There’s something very intimate about hearing music through headphones, it’s more personal and individual. Two songs called “Headphones” are virtually unknown tracks by two major recording artists, but both songs have legitimate hit potential. Let’s check these tracks out:





“HEADPHONES” Nelly with Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado nelly headphonesHow ironic that Nelly teams up with his namesake, Miss Nelly Furtado. Their duet, “Headphones” is an uplifting hip hop track from Nelly’s poorly received 2013 CD, M.O. The duet talks about turning up the music in your headphones and “flying away to a brighter world”. Nelly imagines every boy growing up with a mom and dad around and healthcare for everyone (a nod to Obamacare?). The song is radio-ready and one of those sweet inspirational rap songs that often get overlooked for the more commercial sex-driven party anthems.

“HEADPHONES” Florida Georgia Line

Florida georgia line headphonesCoincidence that Florida Georgia Line and Nelly teamed up for a remix of “Cruise” and both artists put out a song called “Headphones” this year? Hmmmm….. Florida Georgia Line recently won the AMA Award for Best Country Duo. On their multi-platinum breakthrough CD, Here’s To The Good Times, they released editions with bonus tracks. One of these exclusive bonus songs was “Headphones”, a slow burning love song with an addictive chorus. “Can’t get you out of my head, out of my head, out of my headphones”.