“Hearing Me Rap Is Like Hearing G Rap In His Prime”

Kool G RapJay-Z triumphantly declared in “Encore” that he was the next big thing in rap and announced to the world, “Hearing me rap is like hearing G. Rap in his prime.”    To most listeners that line went whoosh…..right over their head.    But if you’re a fan of Old School Rap, it was a shout-out to one of the godfathers of gangsta rap, an O.G., one of most influential lyrical rappers of the golden era of  80’s hip hop.   Kool G. Rap has been named by Eminem, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., the Wu Tang Clan, and countless others as one of their strongest influences.   The Queens, NY rapper began his career as a member of the Juice Crew with DJ Polo.  Despite never having the one unforgettable rap classic, Kool G Rap became the East Coast counterpart to the rising West Coast gangsta rap scene of N.W.A. and Ice T.


Kool G Rap Live Let DieIf you’re tired of listening to today’s repetitive modern rappers, enjoy a brief trip back in time to some of Kool G Rap’s most memorable tracks in his career.  The smooth R&B influence on “It’s A Shame”, his duet with Nas “Fast Lane”,  and his essential original hit “Road To Riches” are a great jump-off point. Dig a little deeper check out “My Life” from 2001 and “On the Run” from 1992.  And if you think Kool G Rap is strictly an oldies act, he dropped his CD, “Riches, Royalty, and Respect” just five years ago after a decade long hiatus.

“IT’S A SHAME”    1995


“FAST LANE”   Kool G Rap with NAS