“With Heaven On Our Side” – Foreigner’s lost classic


lou gramm foreigner heaven on our side“Waiting For A Girl Like You” or “I Want Know What Love Is”, which of these Foreigner power ballads is your all-time favorite? Let me make the decision a little more difficult with a third nominee.  On Foreigner’s greatest hits CD, The Very Best And Beyond, the band recorded three band new songs for the collection. The rockers “Soul Doctor” and “Prisoner Of Love” along with a powerful, inspirational love song, “With Heaven On Our Side”. Foreigner is still going strong with new lead singer, Kelly Hansen, but we all know that the ultimate Foreigner line-up features original lead singer, Lou Gramm. While this incredible uplifting love song is not a “religious” song, the spiritual message rings strongly. It’s a forerunner to Lou’s 2009 Christian Rock album.

“TEX MEX” John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

john caffertyA guilty pleasure 80’s movie is Eddie And The Cruisers, a fictional tale of the New Jersey boardwalk rockers. The film starred Michael Pare and Tom Berenger but the true highlight was the vintage rock and roll soundtrack. “Tender Years”, “On The Dark Side”, and “Boardwalk Angel” helped push the movie’s soundtrack to multi-platinum status. The music was performed by Rhode Island rockers, John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band. They were often written off as a Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band wanna-be’s but they generated a strong local following. On their follow up to Eddie And The Cruisers, they released Tough All Over in 1985. The sweet love song, Tex Mex, closed the nine track album and it remains one of those lost classics that hold such a special memory to so many people.