Heavy Metal From Canadian Pop Punk Rockers


chuck“Chuck” by Sum-41 is one of the most underrated rock/pop punk records of the past decade.   The band’s heaviest CD in their discography won a Juno Award for Album of the Year in their native Canada.   Here in the States, the CD only went gold and failed to make a huge splash on the charts.   The lead single, “We’re All To Blame” featured a tongue in cheek tribute to the Solid Gold dancers and barely crack the Top 10 of the Modern Rock charts.



sum 41But dig deeper into “Chuck” and you’ve got a plethora of actual Metal tunes including “88”, “No Reason” and “The Bitter End”.   Like their alter ego band, Pain For Pleasure, Sum 41 went beyond their young image and created some of the best Metallica-styled guitar riff classics of the decade. In fact, “Master Of Puppets” became a popular Sum 41 concert favorite during the tour for “Chuck”.