Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Mary J Blige, Pretty Reckless, Aretha Franklin


If you saw “Waiting To Exhale”, you remember Angela Bassett’s character caught her husband lying and cheating.  Payback is a bitch!  She filled his BMW with all of his belongings, poured gasoline on the car, and flicked her cigarette into the car and poof!  As the car ignited, she confidently strutted away!  A woman in Detroit recently copied this stunt after her man messed around.   Unlike the movie, she was sent to jail and faces up to five years for arson. The movie’s outcome seemed better.   Mary J. Blige sums it up in the best song from the film.


TV actress, Taylor Momsen, heads the alternative rock band, Pretty Reckless.   Unlike her clean Gossip Girl TV image, the band is post-grunge with a dark sound similar to Nirvana mixed with Oasis.   “Makes Me Wanna Die” is their biggest hit and a favorite on the Warped Tour.  The song is played over the end credits of “Kick Ass” where a young teenage girl turns out to be the toughest vigilante ever taking out every villian in the film.   Chloe Grace Moretz played Hit-Girl and has since starred in everything from Hugo, Let Me In, 500 Days Of Summer, and one of the leads in Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows.


The mid-80’s comeback for the Queen Of Soul was unexpected.   The greatest female soul voice of the 60’s got lost in the 70’s decade of singer-songwriters and disco.    She jumped on the “Freeway Of Love” in her “Pink Cadillac” and became a legitimate R&B chart topper in 1985.   “Another Night” is epic, Aretha’s voice is pure, the beat is slamming, and the “don’t mess with me again” attitude has got to make you smile!    Check out how she puts her loser boyfriend in check during the song 🙂