Hidden Treasure Song: Taylor Dayne Covers The Rolling Stones

taylor_dayne-with_every_beat_of_my_heart“Tell It To My Heart”, “Prove Your Love”, “Don’t Rush Me”, “Love Will Lead You Back”……during the late 80’s and early 90’s, Taylor Dayne was consistently on the top of the Pop and Dance Charts worldwide.   Her power ballad, “I’ll Always Love You” became the wedding song for countless couples.   The pride of Nassau, New York, Taylor amassed eighteen Top 10 singles in her career.   By the mid-90’s, Taylor turned to acting.  Her prominent role in Elton John’s Aida on Broadway and a recurring role on Showtime’s Rude Awakening kept Taylor on the radar.

taylor dayneIn 1998, Taylor released her last CD, Naked Without You, an album that never lived up to her previous sales figures.   It took ten years for Taylor Dayne to get back in the studio and take another stab at music.   Her CD, Satisfied, released in 2008 was a mature, soulful, warm collection of new music.  The familiar club single, Beautiful, hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Charts but the album’s surprise was the inclusion of two rock covers.   The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under The Bridge and a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Fool To Cry showed a different side to Taylor.   Neither were released as singles, but there is something special in the Stones remake.