HIPSTER BANDS YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Little Fish, Redd Kross, Dispatch


little fishOne studio album, three EP’s, and a bunch of opening act gigs for bands as diverse as Hole, Supergrass, Juliette Lewis, and even Blondie. This U.K. garage band is led by a dynamic lead female singer and guitarist named Juju Heslop. I first got exposed to the band as one of the downloadable songs on the Rock Band video game but after checking out their EP was impressed with their style. Here’s their second single, Darling Dear:



If_i_were_carpenterYes, you’re right, this is a cover of the 70’s sugary pop vocals of Karen and Richard Carpenter. A tribute CD called If I Were A Carpenter featured a mix of alternative artists taking their best shot at covering a Carpenters song. The highlights were Sonic Youth’s Superstar, a Japanese girl group covering Top Of The World, and California’s pop punk band, Redd Kross adding a little muscle to Yesterday Once More.


DispatchDispatch is a Boston band that combines a little bit of reggae, a dash of ska, some alt-pop, and a whole lot of indie rock. What you get doesn’t always work but songs like “Open Up” have a easy flow vibe that get you smiling through the day. The band is most famous for their impromptu extended jam sessions and have a loyal fan base like the Dave Matthews Band that follows them from show to show.