Horror Music by Charlie Daniels, Ice-T, and Will Smith?

What’s your favorite horror film? Are you into jump scares, gory action, or more psychological head games? Some of the greatest horror stories start with simple concepts like birds going berzerk, a car breaking down in on deserted highway, or an escaped convict with vengeance on his mind. Our greatest fears being brought to life and played out on the big screen. Musicians have tried to create the same horrors in their music (Death Metal, Gangsta Rap) and their look on stage (Slipknot, KISS, Alice Cooper). Today’s spotlight falls on three “fun” songs that fall into the horror music genre.


Crocodile2Well, if you ever go back into Wooley Swamp,
Well, you better not go at night.
There’s things out there in the middle of them woods
That make a strong man die from fright.
Things that crawl and things that fly
And things that creep around on the ground.
And they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around.

An 80’s Charlie Daniels epic complete with gators, buried treasure, quicksand, and a greedy old man. You never what’s happening in the backwoods and this country music classic keeps your attention all the way to the epic conclusion. Horror movies equivalent: Cape Fear and Return Of The Swamp Thing



freddyLong before he was Will Smith, multi-million dollar movie actor, and even before he was a network TV star, The Fresh Prince was a rap pioneer. Along with his friend and DJ, Jazzy Jeff, the duo won the unlikely first Grammy for Best Rap Performance. Here’s their ode to Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street saga. Hard to believe now but this was legitimately spooky back in the day!




ice-tIce-T made a “killing” with his hardcore street fables twenty five years ago. Even more dramatic than N.W.A., Ice-T told first-person tales of the South Central urban jungle. Were they just a writer’s creativity? Did they things really happen? We know Ice-T grew up hustling and stories of his gang activity, so the excitement was not knowing how much was fact versus fiction. “Midnight” vividly captures the late night horror of a drive-by gone wrong intensified by dramatic Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin samples. The rare original video is still on YouTube, enjoy!