HOTTEST NEW VIDEOS: Brad Paisley, 30 Seconds To Mars, Jessie Ware


beat this summer videoAfter listening to the new Brad Paisley single for the first time, I wasn’t feeling it. Now it’s stuck in my head and I’m loving it! What probably pushed it over the top was the guitar solo at the end and another video masterpiece. The music video is a summer love story with a twist. A pint sized Brad Paisley look-alike complete with Brad’s signature white cowboy hat is wooing the girl of his dreams. Ferris Wheels, guitar solos, picnics at the beach, holding hands in the moonlight, it’s one of the cutest, most romantic videos of the year.


30-Seconds-to-Mars-Up-in-the-Air-2013Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars are about to drop their new CD, Love Lust Faith + Dreams. They’re describing it as “very personal and very sexual”, can we expect any less for this intense band? The video for the lead single, Up In The Air, comes with a warning for those with epilepsy. What follows is a string of visual imagery that will entice, confuse, and fascinate. Burlesque artist, Dita Von Teese, aerial acrobats, a nod to Donnie Darko, gymnasts, a shirtless Leto, and a masked drumline solo highlight a powerful new record. It’s a nod to electronic dance music but also piano driven, rocks hard yet mesmerizing. Leto’s dramatic vocals on lines like “Portraits of a tortured you” remind us of their previous work.


jessie wareYou could have heard this record on the radio twenty years ago along with Lisa Stansfield and Madonna’s 90’s pop hits like Ray Of Light. Jessie Ware released her debut CD, Devotion, less than a year ago in the U.K. Her throwback sound and lush vocals have impressed new fans. Jessie’s set at the 2013 Coachella concert “awed” the crowd. Her second single, Wildest Moments, features a collaboration with hot rapper, A$AP Rocky. The song’s tempo is faster and should continue advancing Jessie’s up and coming career.