HOTTEST NEW VIDEOS: Krewella, Chris Brown, & Eve


krewellaWatch out for a band on a rise! Chicago electronic dance trio, Krewella, has jumped onto the Top 40 charts with the highly infectious new hit, Alive. One of the band members, Yasmine, told fans heading to their first Krewella concert, “”Don’t come in heels, don’t come in a dress, don’t come in a nice outfit, ’cause you’re gonna get sweaty.” A lot of the electronic dance groups emphasize the beats over the personalities of the band. Krewella feels more like a group with a traditional lead singer than a producer dominated act. The girls are a mix of Muslim and Pakastani and the guy is Greek. They were added to Miami’s Ultra Festival this year and could be one of the headliners next year!

eveEve’s back with a hot new video with a great positive message. Eve is a celebrity spokeswomen for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. As an earlier post of mine emphasized, teenage bullying has become such a hot topic in the media. The video for Make It Out Of This Town features a gay male dancer and a middle school girl who are being bullied by “their friends”. Look for a great cameo and guest vocals by Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship who plays a teacher in the video.

chris-brown-fine-chinaGet out the haterade, Chris Brown is one of the most polarizing and controversial figures in R&B music today. Some will never forgive him for the Rihanna beating, but unbelievably she has been dating Chris again. His new video is EPIC! It’s one of the best unspoken tributes to Michael Jackson ever. You can totally picture Michael in the lead role. It’s oozing with style, killer dance moves, and becoming a mini-movie that grabs your attention until the very end!