How Can You Change The World? new Beyonce, Ryan Star, Yellowcard, George Michael

“I WAS HERE”          BEYONCE’

Have you made a difference in the world?   What have you done in your life that you can look back at one day and proclaim, “I Was Here”?  Diane Warren penned this three minute opus as a declaration of “the hearts you touched” as proof that you helped make the world a better place.   Beyonce’ recorded the song for her latest CD and just released the video for World Humanitarian Day.   Beyonce’ performed the song in front of the United Nations! Can you imagine her thrill of being asked to sing in front of “the world” on its biggest stage?     The video highlights some humanitarian workers doing incredible things but often it’s the smallest things we do that leave a lasting impression on someone’s live.   We ALL make a difference.



My favorite song of the day, what an amazing video! One of the finalists on the reality show, Rock Star: Supernova, looking for the new lead singer for INXS, Ryan Starr has continued making records looking for his big break.   He may have finally found it!   Just signed to Island Records, his new single, “Stay Awhile” has gone viral on YouTube this past week.    Ryan’s previous label wasn’t promoting him well, so he self-produced this sensual, inspirational video, caught the attention of Island Records, and after consulting with his friend, Jon Bon Jovi, made the jump.   One of Ryan’s early tracks, Last Train Home, is one of my all-time movie soundtrack songs.


The Orlando pop punk band with the violin player are back!   Songs like “Oceans Avenue” and “Only One” generated a lot of buzz a few years ago but a couple of disappointing follow-up cd’s took Yellowcard off our radar.  “Here I Am Alive”, their new single feels like a Cobra Starship reject, a pop ditty that’s fun but no substance.  Just when I think they’ve lost that edge that made them special, “Almost Summer” rocks a little harder, brings back their signature violin sound, and “Southern Air”, their new CD, looks like it could be a return to their glory days.

The 80’s icon performed at the London Olympics and he’s back with his first new single in years. “White Light” was released on an EP this month with a techno beat reminiscent of his “Amazing” single in 2004. The new song was dedicated to the 30th reunion of Wham’s first hit, Wham Rap. George has been battling one illness after another and was worried his voice would hold out for the Olympic Closing Ceremony performance, it shows on this video. Despite a stylized video featuring Kate Moss, you can tell George’s voice isn’t the same.


  1. All new songs for me!! and I love all of them! My favorite is “Stay awhile” and “White light”. I can surely tell where George’s voice has changed so much but the lyrics are great. The Beyonce’ song was beautiful. 🙂 Thanks so much!! More amazing songs to add to my mp3. 😀 😀 😀