How Far Will Rihanna and Miley Go? The Battle For 2013’s Most Outrageous Video


Rihanna-Pour-it-up-coverNo one has been hotter on the charts and sexier than Rihanna the past few years. But when you’re riding the crest of the wave, the pressure is on to stay on top. Rihanna must be sensing Miley’s over the top attempt to “lower the bar” so she’s firing right back with her latest video, “Pour It Up”. Set in an underwater strip club, Rihanna’s twerking, grinding, swinging on a stripper pole, making it rain (which is tough underwater!), expliciting taking things even further than Miley even imagined. The video is definitely NSFW and more outrageous than anything Rihanna has ever released. What do you think: Sexy? Too Much?


miley-cyrus-wrecking-ballMiley Cyrus shocked the world at the ’13 MTV Music Awards with her racy, tasteless dancing with the foam finger, twerking with a giant teddy bear, and getting to know Robin Thicke as intimately as possible in her five minutes of career desperation.   How do you follow it up?   Why appear in a skimpy outfit when you can go full throttle in her next video, Wrecking Ball!  Despite Miley’s best attempt to distract us by stroking and licking a giant hammer and straddling a wrecking ball naked, her latest song is actually one of the most emotional and effective power ballads in her career.   Unfortunately, the video’s imagery has surpassed the song’s message but chalk this SONG among her best.