Songs That Tricked Us: “I Thought The Beatles Broke Up?”


beatles-5September 1969, John Lennon announces he is no longer a member of the Beatles.  April 1970, Paul wields the axe to officially end the Beatles as he prepares to release his debut solo album.  “Let It Be” and “The Long And Winding Road” are reminding everyone that the dream is over for Beatles fans.   As the months went by, a new song hits radio airwaves, a Beatlesque sound by an unknown band called Badfinger.  To further add to the mystery, their 45′ single was released on the same label as the Beatles, Apple Records as listed Paul McCartney as the songwriter?


badfinger-come-and-get-itThe harmony, the vocal interaction, the guitar riffs, even the lyrics scream “the Beatles are back!”   Badfinger was ultimately, a brand new band, but their name was actually inspired by the Beatles as “bad finger boogie” – was an early working title of Lennon/McCartney’s “With A Little Help From My Friends”.   Badfinger and Paul McCartney worked together on another #1 hit, Come And Get It, that Paul wrote for the up and coming band.


The Bee Gees - Lonely Days - BackBy 1970, the Australian trio via Manchester, England, The Bee Gees were gaining popularity with their early hit, Words.   But they were clearly not a household name at this point of their career.   Their lead single on their second album, Lonely Days, sounded like a lost track from the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.  The song begins with “Good Morning Mister Sunshine” with a soft piano and strings introduction, then a dramatic tempo change midway, followed by a powerful Beatlesque chorus.  But what confused listeners was a John Lennon sound-alike voice on the chorus. (check out 3:03 on the video) Had John joined the Bee Gees?  Was it a guest vocal?   Were the Beatles recording a secret track?   Ultimately, Robin Gibb’s voice sounds remarkably like Lennon here and fans would have to wait for John Lennon’s Plastic Ono album.