I Want To Do Bad Things To You (True Blood) : Melanie Amaru, Jace Everett, Gian Marco

“BAD THINGS”                     JACE EVERETT

The theme song to HBO’s True Blood oozes sex appeal.    Jace captures the mood of a sweltering hot night in New Orleans.  This song reminds me of Chris Isaac’s “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”.   At 1:23, the spoken word builds up the passion of the song before coming back to the chorus, “I want to DO bad things with you!”   Brilliant and creative song!

“DIAS NUEVOS”                 GIAN MARCO

The 2011 Latin Grammy Award winner from Peru.   Gian Marco has become the pride of Peru after a 15 year history of making great music.    His career initially got a boost by Emilio Estefan (husband of Gloria) early on.   This song translates to “New Days Ahead” with lyrics about taking risks, ending every night with a kiss so deep, and promises of new days with the one you love”

“LISTEN”                               MELANIE AMARO

This song hasn’t even been released by Melanie.   She’s only 18 years old out of Miami.    But this audition for the TV show, X Factor in the fall of 2011, was AMAZING!     Melanie’s version of a Beyonce original takes it to a new level.     Watch as the judges are moved by her breath-taking performance and even better, watch the pride in her family after her audition.