I WANT YOU: Marvin Gaye, Pitbull, One Less Reason, Samantha Fox

3 words that can convey a wide range of reactions based on who is saying it and if there is a question mark at the end.  The hunted, the pursued, together, apart, at one point in our life we’ve been in each of these relationship situations. If you had to pick a song to describe these emotional states of mind, which would you choose? I went in with the song title theme “I Want You” for my song choices.


i want youDesire: someone has caught your eye, captured your fascination and attention. Your feelings are stronger for him/her than in return. You balance your vulnerability and indecision with your overwhelming desire and hopefulness. Marvin Gaye’s passionate version of I Want You from 1976 vividly described here:

I give you all the love, I want in return, sweet darlin’
But half of love is all I feel
It’s too bad, it’s just too sad, you don’t want me now
But I’m gonna change your mind, someway, somehow, oh baby
I want you the right way, I want you but I want you to want me too
I want you to want me, baby, just like I want you


Pitbull---I-Know-You-Want-MeIn Sync: You know things are working out great when even bad situations that could break up a relationship only find a way to strengthen your bond. Both of you are “feeling it”, things click on so many levels, each day adds new exciting memories. Pitbull’s 305 Miami classic expresses the mood perfectly with the simple lyrics, “I know you want me, You know I want cha”

sam-fox-touch-me-i-want-your-bodyThe Object Of Someone’s Attention: You notice the flirty glances, the obvious smiles, winks, and come-on lines. The compliments feel good, you feel wanted and desired, do you feel the same? Hear how 80’s pop starlet Samantha Fox expressed these feelings:
Full moon in the city, the night was young
I was hungry for love, I was hungry for fun
I was hunting you down, and I was the bait
When I saw you there, I didn’t need to hesitate


one less reasonIndecision: She doesn’t understand you, you don’t get her. Up is down, white is black. When you’re not in sync, everything becomes an ordeal. A little known North Carolina band named One Less Reason write devastatingly personal lyrics in many of their songs. Here’s a taste:

I know it’s not my place
To tell you what you’re doing wrong
Sometimes I think about your face
And there’s times that I don’t think of you at all

So tell me you need me and I will stay
You believe me and I will wait
That you’d come back for me every time I fall
In your heart there’s just no place
There’s no room to make a mistake
And with one wrong turn you would never make it home