Ice-T Brings Back Body Count For “Bloodlust”

It’s not a matter of “black lives matter” or “blue lives matters”, Ice-T announces “No Lives Matter” as the lead single from Body Count’s latest album, “Bloodlust”. Ice-T originally recorded with his side project, Body Count, as a release for his love of heavy metal music and more specifically Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Suicidal Tendencies.   Backed with one of the most underrated lead guitarists of our generation, Ernie C, Body Count took the industry by storm with defiant anthems like the controversial “Cop Killer”, “There Goes The Neighborhood”, and the anti-drug message of “The Winner Loses”.   The band’s sixth album, “Bloodlust” is a return to their glory days with a kick-ass thrash metal groove and lyrics reminding us that racism, police brutality, and inequity are still timely messages today.   Ice-T recruited a dream team of collaborators.   Track 1, “Civil War” features spoken word and guitar by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.    Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God each contribute to the record along with Tracy Marrow Jr, aka Ice-T’s son, who’s all grown up and singing backup on the record.

“RAINING BLOOD/POSTMORTEM” (Slayer Cover) – Body Count


Bloodlust is a raw and powerful album that won’t be played on the radio or generate huge sales number but you can’t deny Ice-T’s message and that heavy groove Body Count’s band continues to lay down over twenty years since they debuted.  “Since the beginning of time, humans have killed each other because they disagreed… The ability to kill is as innate as our ability to love.”   With these chilling words, Body Count introduces the title track.   Like a vintage punk rock record, the sound balances that fine line between hokey and pure awesomeness.  Tracks like their cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” and “The Ski Mask Way” are brutal and faithful to the originals.   Where the album shines most are the more “subdued” tracks, “This Is Why We Ride” and “God, Please Believe Me”.   Two of the strongest songs ever recorded by Body Count describe the utter frustration over street violence and beautiful balance Ernie C’s thrash metal solos with slower breakdowns that amp up the intensity.


Top 5 tracks on Body Count in order: 

1.  This Is Why We Ride   A+

2.  Raining Blood   A-

3.  No Lives Matter   A-

4.  God, Please Believe Me   B+

5.  Civil War   B

“NO LIVES MATTER” – Body Count