I’m Afraid Of Americans: Bowie + Reznor

I'm Afraid of Americans The Interview FrancoJames Franco and Seth Rogan’s unprecedented publicity over their film “The Interview” didn’t result in a movie worth all the hype.  The North Korean controversy, the same old tired bathroom jokes, and the predictable storyline turned the film into one of the biggest flops of 2014.   But “The Interview” did manage to resurrect one of the wildest industrial rock collaborations of the late 1990’s.    The Thin White Duke, David Bowie, teamed up with the brilliant and eccentric producer, Brian Eno, to write and record a new classic “I’m Afraid Of Americans”.  The song was conceived in 1995 for Bowie’s “Outside” CD and a rough version with different lyrics appeared in Elizabeth Berkley’s cult-classic film “Showgirls”.


bowie-+-reznor-hurtBowie stated the lyrics were inspired by the quiet global takeover by American corporations like Pepsi, McDonalds, and Disney.  When David Bowie embarked on his 1999 World Tour, he chose Nine Inch Nails for the opening act.    Combining the originality of Ziggy Stardust with the genius of Trent Reznor was a promoter’s dream concert.    The duo collaborated and remixed two new versions of “I’m Afraid Of Americans” that highlighted NIN’s industrial beats with the melodic approach that Bowie first conceived.   The award nominated music video took a literal approach as David is being stalked in New York City by Reznor complete with imaginary assault rifles.