Imagine The Go-Go’s Playing At Your High School In The 80’s: Avail (Sublime cover)

“LUST TO LOVE”  (Live)    GO-GO’s

The Go-Go’s were originally signed to I.R.S. records known for their punk bands in the late 70’s.   Belinda Carlisle was briefly a member of the legendary hardcore punk band, The Germs.    The Go-Go’s brand of girl band/new wave/power pop changed the way girl bands were seen in the 80’s and here’s rare footage of the band performing at a California high school.  “Lust To Love” opens with the ominous warning:   “It used to the fun was in the capture and kill.    Love me and I’ll leave you, I told you from the start, I had no idea you would turn my world apart.”



Brad Nowell only released three CD’s with Sublime but their place in music history is cemented.  Find a picture of a Long Beach California surfer or skater and you’re likely to see a Sublime t-shirt.   Their ska punk sound on “Santeria” was energized in a hard cover by Avail on a tribute to Sublime CD called “Look At All The Love We Found”.



Just discovered a new band (to me) called Cavo out of Missouri.   They’ve released three CD’s since 2002 and actually hit it big with a song called Champagne in 2009.   “Southern Smile” has a sound that reminds me of Kings Of Leon, slow building intensity with a country/rock groove.    This song is growing on me the more I listen.