Inspiration During The Holidays: U2, Lenny Kravitz, Third Eye Blind, Breathe

The holiday season can be a double-edged sword. While the world is celebrating with friends and family, millions of people feel a sense of loss this time of year. Whether it’s reminders of loved ones who are no longer with us, loneliness, depression over finances, health, or their place in life, not everyone rejoices this time of the year. Suicide rates can skyrocket during this “joyful season of good cheer”. They call it Holiday Depression or the Christmas Blues.

Today’s songs are inspirational blasts of hope in a time of darkness. Some turn to religion, prayer, good friends, family, and exercise to clear their mind. Others turn to alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, casual sex, and destructive behaviors to cope. Music can be a wonderful distraction. Hearing lyrics that speak directly to your heart and emotions can have a healing power to your psyche and soul. U2’s “Miracle Drug”, Lenny Kravitz’ “Calling All Angels”, Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper”, and Breathe’s “Hands To Heaven” have always inspired me and millions world-wide with their powerful themes of a better life beyond the darkness many are experiencing in the world today.

“MIRACLE DRUG”          U2






  1. Thanks so much Mel, LOVE “Hands To Heaven” but the U2 song with Bono telling that story about the young boy really inspired me most. I’ll have to work on that book idea 🙂

  2. This was truly a nice and inspiring blog Mike. I love these songs!! My favorite is “Hands to Heaven”. Your writing is truly amazing!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀