Inspirational, Spiritual, Feel Good Music

DAILY MUSIC TRIVIA QUESTION:  What college did Gloria Estefan attend and is still a big supporter?  Yesterday’s Answer:   Eddie Van Halen asked Patty to join Van Halen


“For those of you who think we’ve gone too far and radical with our message, well I’ve got news for you, you haven’t heard nothing yet!  And if you don’t know, NOW you know!”  The first time we all heard this song you had to be amazed.   A Christian Gospel hip hop song with beats and rapping hotter than anything on the radio at the time.   Kirk Franklin made his spiritual message contemporary, accessible, and “cool” to the masses.   Adding Cheryl, “Salt”, from Salt N Pepa to the mix, brilliant!   A 90’s jam that always brings a smile to my face.


Out of all of the arena rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s, Foreigner is my favorite.   So many classic rock favorites including “Hot Blooded”, “Juke Box Hero”, and “Feels Like The First Time” although most of my favorites weren’t their biggest hits.  The band never hit #1 on the charts (although “Waiting For  A Girl Like You” is the longest running #2 hit of all-time) until “I Want Know What Love Is”.  Lou Gramm’s one-of-a-kind voice got challenged when they added the New Jersey Mass Choir to their 1984 epic power ballad.   It was the FIRST #1 Billboard Pop hit for Foreigner and the video is equally as inspiring.  



I had the biggest crush on the young Gloria Estefan.  On her ninth CD, gloria!, she reached for an younger audience and released a dance/disco record.  She promoted the CD with a performance at the famous Studio 54 discotheque.  The song, Oye! hit #1 on the dance charts and “Heaven’s What I Feel” got a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Record.  The beat/message is so upbeat and contagious.   The song was also used in the underrated 1998 movie, Dance With Me, starring Vanessa Williams and Chayanne.  If you love sexy Latin dancing and a charming love story, check out the film!  


I jumped on the bandwagon late for this song.   First time I heard of Jaci, she was starring in a B-Movie called Chasing Papi with Sofia Vergara and Roselyn Sanchez.  Jaci is a Christian singer and regardless of your religious views, you can’t deny the sincerity and conviction in this spine-tingling song.   The power of prayer, belief in a higher power, and hope for a better tomorrow, three simple concepts that can improve the world today.