Inspired By Sarah Jessica Parker? “Jessie”

Ajsartjournal2Long before Carrie in “Sex and The City”, years before marrying Matthew Broderick, even a half decade before starring as Rusty, the cute sidekick for Lori Singer in Footloose,  Sarah Jessica Parker dated a young singer/songwriter named Joshua Kadison.    When you first heard Joshua’s biggest hit “Beautiful In My Eyes”, you swore the song was a lost Elton John classic.   The Bernie Taupin styled lyrics, the piano accompaniment, and “that voice” was so familiar.  Joshua’s debut CD, Painted Desert Serenade, sounded like a throwback to the early 70’s and the album’s title reflected upon his Native American heritage.   His poetic single, “Jessie”, sparked rumors that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Jessica, became his muse and inspired one of the most romantic songs on the 90’s.

“JESSIE” Joshua Kadison

Joshua-Kadison-Jessie“Jessie” describes a tumultuous long distance relationship.  “From a phone booth in Vegas, she calls at 5AM”.   She dreams about living with her boyfriend and her cat, Moses, in a little trailer by the sea.   “Jessie paint a picture of how it’s going to be”.     They imagine sipping Tequila in Mexico, looking for seashells, and making love on the warm sandy beach.   “And who knows, maybe this time things’ll turn out just the way you planned.”    Many believe the lyrics were dedicated to Sarah Jessica.   Others have speculated that the song was written about a different girl named Jessie who lived in Pennsylvania.    And a third attribute the beautiful lyrics to an unknown songwriter who sold the song to Joshua.    The official inspiration of the song remains a mystery, but it makes for a great conversation.    The last track on the album, “Georgia Rain”, brings Jessie back as a touching sequel song to their love affair.


The initial artwork featured today is from a multi-talented artist named A.J. from Palm Coast, Florida.   You can read more about the artist and buy some of her beautiful hand painted  creations at her website:

“GEORGIA RAIN” (Jessie’s sequel)


  1. I just reached purchased Painted Desert Serenade. It got lost throughout the years. Still amazing. Never knew the Sarah Jessica angle. She got all the good guys.

  2. Always loved this song; still do. It always reminded me of my good friend Frank Anselmo who was/is a gifted singer/songwriter and pianist. His sound & style was very similar; unfortunately he never caught that lucky break in the music industry. Thanks for bringing this beautiful song to the forefront again. <3