Introducing Jo Smith = Fresh Country + Retro R&B + Romance

SiriusXM has been showcasing Jo Smith, a throwback female singer with Faith Hill looks and a soothing Southern voice who is changing the game mixing country music with some vintage Motown magic.   Jo Smith isn’t a flash in the pan, she got her first foot in the door in the fickle music industry thirteen years ago via her dad.   Turns out he used to fish with Luke Bryan’s grandpa and through this connection, Luke got her in touch with Sony and they signed Jo to a five year contract.   But it wasn’t long before things fizzled out and she was back to cleaning toilets at the Ruby Tuesday restaurant in her home state of Georgia.  Perseverance and Southern pride refused to let Jo quit on her dream and she’s back for a second chance with one of the smoothest country singles to come along in years, “Old School Groove”.   The romantic laid-back pop country single gains a little extra authenticity with a subtle Marvin Gaye sample on the chorus.   Who can resist a killer rhyme like “Love me like an Old School Groove, Like a throwback 8-track, In the back of your daddy’s Cadillac.”   


Jo Smith’s debut EP, “Introducing Jo Smith” keeps this vintage soulful style mixed with modern contemporary country music going with the flirty upbeat track, “Dance Dirty” that perfectly compliments “Old School Groove”.   A more typical country sound is showcased on “Queen Of Fools”.    But if there is a song that is going break Jo Smith into the big time, it’s “Poster Child”, a sweet 60s girl group throwback jam that meets Elle King’s feisty attitude. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear Jo Smith’s name as a nominee as Best New Artist at the 2018 CMA’s! @JoSmithMusic

“POSTER CHILD” (Lyric Video)