IS THIS THE END?: New Edition, Tremonti, and Wynonna Judd


New EditionPuff Daddy covers this song on his No Way Out CD, with the help of Twista and Ginuwine. Yet despite Diddy’s impressive guests, the original version is much more effective at describing that gut-wrenching feeling when things are coming to an end. New Edition released this song on their debut and it was the first time we got to hear the sensitive side of Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown. Is This The End, written and produced by Maurice Starr, ironically later described the closure with New Edition when they went their separate ways. Maurice moved on to produce New Kids On The Block as the replacement for New Edition.


mark_tremontiLead guitarist, Mark Tremonti, helped put Creed on the top of the Modern Rock charts in the early 2000’s. But Mark wanted to produce a speed metal project that conflicted with the Christian rock band’s agenda. After lead singer, Scott Stapp, took a break from Creed, Tremonti formed Alter Bridge and continued releasing radio ready hits. Then in 2012, Mark went solo with a CD entitled All I Was. This album feels like the REAL MARK TREMONTI, harder guitar riffs, metal influences, and he handled lead vocals on the project. The lyrics on New Way Out describe those feelings should lovers take one more chance or realize it is time to move on. If you’ve ever been in this relationship state of limbo, this song holds so much meaning.


wynonna-juddIn 1993, Wynonna Judd put out the most emotional ballad of her early solo career. The song hit the Top 10 on the Country charts but it was Wynonna’s spine-chilling live version of the sad song that touched so many hearts. Her performance feels 100% authentic and showcases Wynonna’s innate ability to put herself so deeply into the essence of these lyrics.

Tell me when I can open my eyes
I don’t want to watch you walk out that door
There’s no easy way to get through goodbye
I’d probably try and talk you into staying once more

Or I’d lie and say it’s all for the best
Wish you luck and say I have no regrets
But I’m not up to being strong
So I’ll wait until you’re gone
Is it over yet, is it over yet?