janes_addictionIn the mid 80’s, the L.A. punk/alternative scene was blossoming with new up and coming bands. Two prominent groups, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, both debuted during that era and they’re now reaching their 30th Anniversary in the music business. Jane’s Addiction changed rock music history by creating and headlining the Lollapalooza Festival which broke countless alternative, punk, and rap groups in the early 90’s. The tight rhythm section of drummer Stephen Perkins and lead guitarist, Dave Navarro, perfectly complimented the unique vocals of enigmatic frontman, Perry Farrell. Their first two CD’s, Nothing Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual are landmark 90’s records. Unfortunately drug problems broke up the band just as they were ready to explode into superstar status.


Janes-2In 1997, Dave Navarro was now with the Chili Peppers and Perry Farrell was working with a new band called Porno For Pyros. Flea from the RHCP reunited the guys and joined them on an EP called Kettle Whistle. In 2001, a full-blown Jane’s Addiction album (Strays) and a tour followed. But the same issues that destroyed the group earlier reared their ugly head. Jump ahead to 2012 and the band released a solid CD, The Great Escape Artist, of brand new material. They even added a cover of Sympathy For The Devil for the Sons Of Anarchy TV Soundtrack. Last month, a stream of a new single, Another Soulmate, supported their summer of 2013 tour and Live In NYC CD.