JETTBLACK Discography


jettblack slip it onJettblack are a U.K. Glam Metal band that has been hiding under the radar since their phenomenal debut CD in 2010.   You could have released this CD in 1989 and it would have fit in perfectly with Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, and Motley Crue’s albums.  Huge choruses, epic guitar riffs, sex and drugs and rock and roll!   The title track is the ultimate high energy party rocker (see it here).   “Slip It On” is a down and dirty Sunset Strip classic with a vicious guitar solo.   “Two Hot Girls” could be a lost Poison B-Side.  “Fooled By A Rose” is another CD highlight.   It’s clearly evident that Jettblack aren’t looking to change the game, there is nothing innovative here, but that’s not a negative.   If you’re a fan of 80’s Hair Metal, this CD will take you back to those days.    It’s likely out of print, but highly recommended!



JettblackMany rock critics lauded their sophomore CD as one of the best rock albums of the years. Yet, despite universal praise, “Raining Rock” was another hard to find CD. The title track was remixed to feature vocals by Udo Dirkschneider, the original lead singer of the metal band Accept. The cheesy video and that repetitive chorus almost felt like a parody of their love of 80’s glam metal, something Steel Panther would record. But alas, there were incredible songs on the CD. The highlights were “Prison Of Love” and “Never Gonna Give It Up”. The former is the band’s first big power ballad. The latter conjures up the sound of Dokken’s best radio-friendly singles. “System” and “Sunshine” stand out as Jettblack’s best and hardest rockers here.





“BLACK GOLD”  (B-Sides/Covers) 2013

Jettblack black goldAn import only CD released in August 2013. Four acoustic versions of their previous work including “Prison Of Love” are mixed with B-sides and covers. Ever heard a male version of Heart’s “Barracuda”? It’s track #7. AC/DC’s “Let Me Put My Love Into You” is the other big time cover included on “Black Gold”. Thin Lizzy’s guitarist Damon Johnston guests on the title track. Jettblack are expected to release their true third CD later this year.